Optimal CDN

About us

We are the first provider of web acceleration services based in Mexico. Dedicated to increase the loading speed of web sites and applications using our Content Delivery Network to streamline the distribution of digital content over the Internet.

Designed our own next-generation CDN from scratch in a high-performance cloud based architecture, allowing us to provide high scalability to handle unexpected traffic loads. By combining proprietary software and latest HTTP technologies, we offer a fast and reliable service for digital content delivery. Our cloud-based model provides a cost-effective service without compromising performance.

Who are we?

Professionals in the Internet industry with more than ten years of experience and proven track record in designing and maintaining the infrastructure of high traffic websites, integrating diverse technologies for multimedia content distribution.

Core expertise in scalable Internet architectures, high availability distributed systems and massive traffic web services over UNIX/Linux environments, mainly with Open Source technologies.

Our abilities

Scalable Internet architectures

High availability distributed systems

UNIX/Linux administration and TCP/IP communication

Programming and database administration