Benefits of a high-speed website

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Faster websites receives more visitors and generates more revenue

Studies have repeatedly shown that improvement in website performance means more page views, increase audience engagement, higher conversion rates and even assits in SEO.

Speaking on website performance, mismanagement can cost customers and damage the image of a company. The high demand that exists today in the online content consumption entails that it is essential to continuously improve response times and user experience.

There are four main benefits to be gained by having a website optimized for high speed. Optimal CDN provides a complete solution for acceleration enabling meet the following objectives:

  • Increased page views: Loading pages faster, visitors navigate a web site longer and return more often.
  • Better conversion rates: Reduction in response time increases user interaction with a website.
  • Customer satisfaction: Users claim that fast page load times is important for their loyalty to a website.
  • Cost savings: Load in origin infrastructure is reduced, bandwidth use is optimized and avoids having to maintain servers to handle unexpected traffic peaks.
Summary of benefits:
  • Higher speed

    Decreased load times.

  • Increased page views

    Visitors browse for longer periods.

  • More traffic

    A faster website receives more visitors.

  • Increased revenue

    Better conversion rates.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Enhanced browsing experience.

  • Lower abandonment rate

    Decreased bounce rates.

  • Better search engine ranking

    Benefited by search engine algorithms.

  • Cost savings

    Reduction in infrastructure and data transfer.