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Deliver higher web performance

Accelerate the delivery of static and dynamic content of your web applications. Maximize your website speed by deliver your content from our global network and offload your origin infrastructure while reducing IT costs.

By efficiently caching your static content and accelerating your dynamic content you can dramatically lower response times and achieve a better user experience on any device on every platform globally.

Speed up your digital content delivery

  • Static Content Caching

    Deliver small and large objects including images, videos, Javascript, CSS and other HTTP files directly from our globally distributed cache servers reducing round trip times and increase the overall performance of your web pages.

  • Dynamic Content Acceleration

    Serve your dynamically-generated content through our network and optimize every connection from users to your origin to deliver lightning-fast website performance.

Caching Features

  • Instant purge

    Remove cached content instantly from all of our edge nodes by specific URLs, regular expressions or entire site through our graphical user interface or integrate this functionality with your CMS through our API.

  • Compression on-the-fly

    Reduce bandwidth utilization on the middle-mile by enabling compression on-the-fly of HTML, CSS, JS, XML, JSON and TXT files. Deliver faster responses to your end-users and offload processing from your origin leaving this task to us.

  • Custom rules

    Control the delivery of your content with our custom cache rules to instruct our edge nodes what and for how long to cache or even not cache your files by URL or regular expressions.

  • Microcaching

    Set short expiration times (low TTLs) for frequently changing content. Caching dynamic content for very short periods, even as low as 5 seconds, can substantially reduce load in application and database servers at your origin.

  • Full page caching

    Dynamic websites can benefit from serving entire cached HTML pages from our network, instead of generating the same dynamic content for each user request at your origin, which consumes expensive computing resources by making requests to application and database servers.

  • Geo targeting

    Redirect users at the edge to a cached version of your website suited for their country. We can detect the country of your end-users and pass this in a HTTP header to your origin for geographic content customizations for the same URL.

  • Dynamic cache-control

    Define different content behaviors by setting the expiration period of your cached files overriding your origin cache-control headers to serve more content from cache. Set a default behavior for your whole site or use specific custom rules.

  • Cache object by protocol

    Objects in cache are uniquely identified by the protocol HTTP or HTTPS your end-users are using.

  • Cache object by query string

    Cached content is based on query string parameters to generate customized content.