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Why do I need to use a content delivery network (CDN)?
A CDN provides high availability to web applications, scalability to handle high traffic loads, savings in infrastructure and accelerating the delivery of content, which results in an increase in the number of page views to a website, rate reduction drop and increased depth of visits, leading to increased conversion rates and user satisfaction.
How does your CDN work?
When a user performs a first request to our network, we made a new request to the origin and send back the response to the user, storing the object in cache to be used in subsequent requests, allowing faster file transfer to other users. HTTP caching in our network of geographically distributed nodes reduces the distance between your users and your web resources. Because of this and while avoiding the generation of dynamic content for each request, web site response time is reduced significantly and greatly improves the speed of static object delivery.
What is the difference from a CDN to a regular hosting provider?
A CDN is a distributed cache in which elements of a web site are stored for some time, after which they are removed from cache to be obtained later by users requests. Entire website is not transferred, so the use of resources is optimized. To operate a CDN, it requires a source or origin to fetch the requested web content. An ordinary hosting is a source to which users connect directly to obtain content. Scaling this type of service is complicated and expensive by the need of having to support underutilized infrastructure for any unexpected load. Using a CDN takes advantage of its own global network to scale on demand if necessary.
Do I need to transfer my website to Optimal CDN or change hosting provider?
No, a CDN does not replace a hosting. The service will use as a source any existing hosting provider to fetch content for distribution to end users.
If my site is small and has little traffic, can benefit from the CDN service?
Of course. All website regardless of size can get the same benefits when using our services. By providing faster response times to end users, it provides a better experience, while also differentiate your website over your competition.
What is the benefit in using Optimal CDN for my site or web application?
Our service is 100% provided by us, without intermediaries, with local support in Mexico. We create our own content distribution network (CDN) based on a high-performance architecture in the cloud. We use the latest technology to achieve a guaranteed acceleration of web applications.
What kind of websites and web applications supports the acceleration service?
Our service is compatible with any type of website, web application or mobile application that communicates via HTTP through ports 80 and 443, either static or dynamic content.
The service supports the use of SSL certificates?
Yes, we work on HTTPS over port 443.
Your CDN can protect my website from a DDoS attack?
Our CDN can protect a website against DDoS attacks by spreading the burden of attack to our global network. Furthermore, it is not necessary to develop a DDoS protection system, as this solution is implemented by default in our CDN.
Is it required to sign some sort of contract to use your service?
No, we work under pay-as-you-go, without contracts.
How could I know how much this service would cost me?
We provide no-cost trial period during which information is gathered how much traffic is generated and how much it would cost per month. To get an idea, you can multiply the number of monthly page views of a website by an average weight Bytes of Web pages that make up the site. During the test you can clearly measure the improvement in the response time of the site.
Should I make changes to my code to use your service?
Generally it is not required to make changes to source code, except in extraordinary cases. Most websites can use our service transparently.
Can I achieve my whole website be distributed by your CDN?
Yes, with a simple change of the DNS CNAME settings we can accelerate entire websites with static and dynamic content.
What level of service is guaranteed?
We guarantee an availability of 99.9995% through our SLA.
What happen if one of the servers that make up the CDN fails?
Nothing, the service will not be interrupted. Our network is decentralized so that we can lose a full point of presence and the content will be distributed by other points of presence.
What is the speed of content delivery to end users?
Our global network consists of multiple connections with speeds of up to 10Gbps. The speed of downloading content depends on the connection speed of the end user.
Is it possible to activate your service in countries and cities where currently there is no presence by your network map?
Yes, we can extend our reach virtually to everywere in the world at the request of our customers.
Can I try your service if I already have a CDN service from another provider?
Yes, you can configure subdomains partially to test the acceleration of a website. By local changes, you can test the entire website.
Does the CDN service can maintain my site active if my origin servers fails?
No. Our CDN keep a copy of all content requested by end users for some time, but if the source is still unavailable, the distribution of content cannot continue.
Is it possible to cache dynamic content?
Using various techniques, it is possible to store in cache certain type of dynamic content. See: Caching
Is it possible to configure my domain without "www" in your CDN?
Yes it's posible. By DNS configuration is possible to point "A" records to public IPs of our points of presence in a region, which will serve as a second layer of cache and a shield providing additional protection.
My website will be stored at all points of presence of the CDN?
The service uses our network globally. Files are stored in locations where end-user requests are received.
How long is stored my content?
From our console you can define rules which states how long it should be stored each type of content.
How long it takes to purge content across the network?
Purging content is performed in real time (milliseconds) from the console or using our API.
How long does it take to apply new configurations globally?
Changes made from the console can be seen reflected in a few minutes (10-15 minutes).
Can I stop using your service for certain time to reuse it later or can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes, because customers has the control of DNS configurations. While the service is not used, no charge will be generated since we only charge according to data being transferred through our network. The service can be canceled by request via email or can be left idle for the required time.