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Scale your web application on demand with our flexible global network. Provide bandwidth capacity and protection to handle unexpected traffic spikes.


Geographically distributed network to provide a reliable and highly available service. If one of our nodes becomes unavailable, requests are forwarded to another node, ensuring no single-point-of-failure.


We employ various network optimization techniques to accelerate the overall delivery of digital content and reduce latency for both static and dynamic content.

Deliver your static and dynamic content faster

We designed our next-generation Content Delivery Network (CDN) from the ground up in a high performance cloud architecture, allowing fast scale-out capability to handle unexpected network traffic demands. Our global network consists in a redundant architecture of 10 points-of-presence strategically located at major global Internet exchanges points and a bandwidth capacity of up to 120 Gbps on top of Tier-1 network providers.

By combining a stack of proprietary software, latest HTTP technologies, TCP optimizations and 100% SSD we provide a fast and reliable service for delivering digital content with minimum latency. Our cloud-based model provide content delivery in a cost-effective way without compromising network performance.

Network Features

  • Without intermediaries

    Service provided through our own distributed acceleration network.

  • Cutting edge technology

    Our network was built from scratch with the latest technologies.

  • Globally distributed service

    No single points of failure, if one of our nodes becomes unavailable, requests are forwarded to another node.

  • Traffic routing

    Ensure optimal application delivery through our highly available Geo-DNS architecture to route Internet traffic.

  • Load balancing

    We provide layer 7 global network load balancing to multiple origin servers with real time monitoring via health checks.

  • Origin connection offload

    Offload the task of dealing with client connections. Requests are sent to the origin through high-speed connections until they fully arrive to our network, leaving room to the origin to handle more concurrent connections with the same infrastructure.

  • HTTP Pipelining

    By pipelining incoming HTTP requests, we can handle multiple requests on single TCP connections without waiting for the corresponding responses.

  • HTTP Multiplexing

    Maintain persistent connections between our network to your origin to handle multiple requests/responses over already established TCP connections, avoiding the overhead of TCP connection handshakes for every client/request.

  • Concurrent request collapse

    We merge requests for the same content into one single request to your origin and serve all other requests from our global cache.

  • SSL acceleration

    We maintain encryption processing in our network, reducing load on origin servers.

  • 10GbE connections

    Our global network consists of multiple connections of up to 10Gbps.

  • 100% SSD

    Our server nodes incorporate only solid-state drives (SSD) for maximum performance.

  • Small and large objects

    Distribute small and large objects from the edge and improve the overall performance of your site while reducing bandwidth costs.